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Geomancy is an algorithmically derived divination form driven by sortilege (“casting of lots”) and transformation. After posing your question, I’ll interpret the answers from four figures and their transformed figures, which are developed from a series of throws. Many readings are addressed at “yes” or “no” questions, but could be applied broadly to environments and trends.

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Described as the “little sister of astrology,” Geomancy richly interweaves elemental and planetary symbolism borrowed from horary astrology. The reading’s initial figures are transformed to offer insights into different aspects related to the question posed, including your life, environment, and associates.

Readings start with honing the question into a strong, precise query or recommending a series of questions to answer the underlying matter. While I don’t technically have to know the question to answer it, in that case I wouldn’t be able to provide more insight beyond yes-or-no / favorable-or-unfavorable.

Readings happen within one week of the question at an auspicious time pertinent to the questions posed and are delivered shortly after as detailed write ups. Your write-up will describe the answer to your question and the analysis used to determine it.

You can contact Ted Orval for your reading using our contact form or at ted (at) shield (hyphen) envelope (dot) com. Single questions, with occasional follow-ups, are $25; detailed interviews start at $75.

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